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Yogourmet Kefir Starter

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Yogourmet Kéfir starter is prepared from selected strains of dairy cultures and yeast as well as kéfir grains, so that each batch you make produces excellent quality kéfir.

Ingredients: Skim milk powder, ascorbic acid, active lactic bacteria and yeasts.

Origins of kefir may be 4000 years old but it’s still a major trend! Well-known as a fermented probiotic milk it contains vitamin B1, B12, calcium, folate and vitamin K2. Do good to your health with 100 billion live and active bacteria per 100 g serving! Once made, homemade kefir keeps for 2 to 3 weeks in the refrigerator.

icon_likeNo electrical appliance required
icon_likeContains probiotics
icon_dollarEasy and economical
icon_time24 hours incubation at room temperature (23-25°C)
icon_no_preservativesNo preservatives or coloring agents
icon_gluten_freeGluten free
icon_kosherKosher certified
icon_halal_certifiedHalal certified

Each 18 g box makes 6 litres of fresh kefir



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