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Living Micro Greens, Pea Tender Sprouts

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Sweet and crisp tendrils are great additions to salads, wraps and sandwiches. Often used as a garnish. Keep under 5C to prevent  spindly leaves from growing.

Micro Greens are tender, young greens grown in soil from the seeds of vegetables, greens and herbs. Micro greens are about 1.5 " to 5" in height with two fully developed cotyledon leaves (first leaves of a seedling).

· Micro greens should be stored in the fridge in their packaging in the crisper or on the door shelf where the temperature is slightly warmer, except for the following items:


· living organic Micro greens are packaged living in their soil so you get maximum freshness, living energy, vitamins minerals and active enzymes. Add a little water to soil if it gets dry.· Simply, snip, rinse and serve freshness and flavour.


 We believe that:

  • Our organic greens are healthy for consumers to eat, 

  • Our way of producing our greens is good for the environment, 

  • That we have a healthy workplace for our staff and our family to work and live in. 

"Simply the Best Way to Eat!"


- greens are  packaged living in their own soil. All you need to do is snip and serve them.

  • They last longer this way.

  • They taste better this way.

  • They are better for you this way.

Yes, you can plant them and they will grow with a lot of daily TLC; however, the intention is to snip and serve. 

Our living organic greens not only provide a high level of vitamins and minerals they provide a very high level of enzymes that promote healthy digestion. By eating them shortly after cutting them you get full benefit of the living enzymes.

Cooking destroys enzymes in food. We recommend eating our greens raw in order to receive their full benefit.



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