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ROSE GOLD Oil, Normal Dry Mature

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Countless research hours went in to come up with a formula that would help your skin to rejuvenate itself. Did you know that your skin produces new cells approximately every 21 days? Pure Gold Oil has everything in it to help your skin to do the job. We call it 'food for your skin'.

Our customers report even skin tone, balance of natural oil production + healthy glowing skin upon the first application. With continued, accumulative use people have reported: reduction and elimination of acne, redness, dry skin, age/liver/sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, help with dark circles (be careful to not get it in your eyes) to the point where makeup is no longer necessary. Hello fresh, healthy skin attained naturally without the use of chemicals. Can also be used on the body; it has been reported to tone & tighten when used on the stomach, arms & legs (great for anyone that has loose skin or scarring).

Application: We say in lieu of moisturizer 1-2X daily on clean, dry skin. If you have a moisturizer that you are currently happy with, you can use it as a night serum.

Nutritionist made skincare.

Using the same base from our Pure Gold Oil, we've built upon that glorious foundation to offer a scent-free, hormone supportive formula that is great for all skin types. Natural SPF + helps to protect against environmental concerns. We now have two versions: All skin types including oily/combination skin or normal/dry/mature which is the most moisturizing skin oil we've formulated to date.



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