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Portland Pour Over Coffee Maker

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Glass coffee maker to brew a perfect cup of pour over coffee at home

The PORTLAND from GROSCHE is a glass coffee maker that features a heatproof borosilicate glass carafe and the GROSCHE ULTRAMESH reusable filter. This stainless steel filter is the finest available in the world today. The ULTRAMESH filter will not rust or trap natural coffee oils, leaving you with the best pour over coffee.  The PORTLAND glass coffee maker is fast and easy to use. The glass beaker includes a non-slip snap on sleeve to help you pour without touching the hot glass.

Make enough coffee for the whole family

The PORTLAND glass coffee maker has a large capacity of 8 cups / 1000 ml / 34 fl. oz. This means that you get about 2-3 large cups of coffee, perfect for busy mornings when you need a bit more to get started or to share with the whole family.

ULTRAMESH stainless steel filter

The PORTLAND glass coffee maker uses a GROSCHE’s ULTRAMESH filter. The ULTRAMESH is an ultra-fine 18-8 mesh stainless steel filter, the finest available in the world today. It filters your coffee perfectly, and all without a paper filter! This way you do not lose any of the essential oils and no papery taste will transfer to your coffee!



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