Living Micro Greens, Beet Greens


Beautiful display of reddish-purple stems look stunning as a garnish. Beet Greens are a great antioxidant, and detoxifier. The ideal temp.for Beet Greens is 10 degrees C.  so leave out of the fridge. Water if needed.

Micro Greens are tender, young greens grown in soil from the seeds of vegetables, greens and herbs. Micro greens are about 1.5 " to 5" in height with two fully developed cotyledon leaves (first leaves of a seedling).
· Slegers Micro greens should be stored in the fridge in their packaging in the crisper or on the door shelf where the temperature is slightly warmer, except for the following items:

·Micro Basils, Amaranth and Beet Greens should be stored on the counter, not in the fridge.

· Corn shoots must be stored in the dark or their yellow leaves will turn green, therefore keep in the fridge in a box.

·Slegers living organic Micro greens are packaged living in their soil so you get maximum freshness, living energy, vitamins minerals and active enzymes. Add a little water to soil if it gets dry.· Simply, snip, rinse and serve freshness and flavour.



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