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Ground Up Roastery Indonesian/Colombian Blend 1/2lb

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We are a local coffee roasting company located in Camlachie, ON and started roasting 5 years ago. We are a micro roastery and specialize in natural and honey processed coffees and new experimental processes. We only bring in 'in season' coffees and store them in a cedar lined coffee room to maintain optimal freshness. Our coffee is roasted on a hand built custom roaster for proprietary custom roasting and we roast in small batches to ensure coffee is delivered fresh. 

Medium roast coffee blend from small Organic farms from around the world.

This premium coffee blend is Indonesian and Colombian found exclusively at Pure Local Organics.

The Colombian coffee comes from a direct trade with a 5 farm community project in the town of Jericho. Campesino’s main warehouse is located in Jerico, Antioquia. Jerico is a small and very Catholic town, home to Colombia’s only canonized saint, Madre Laura (Mother Laura).The town maintains a rich coffee culture, but has limited access to resources. Campesino set-up a coffee shop in Jerico in 2016, providing a new option for the farmers to sell their coffee at a higher price and also forming a personal relationship with them. Helping them to improve quality by doing frequent farm visits, cupping analysis, and micro-loans for infrastructure projects. The tasting notes of this coffee are Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, Wine, Creamy and Jammy body. 

Our Indonesian coffee comes from a direct trade as well from a farm in the Sumatra Jagong Jeget District. We don't have much other information at this time but we will email our supplier for more details. What we do know is that it is an heirloom varietal grown at an altitude of 1400-1700 MASL. The process they used was wet hulled - a process where the coffee was dried to only 50% moisture before removing the fruit from the bean. 
The tasting notes of this coffee are Honey, Vanilla, Raspberry Iced Tea. This coffee is considered one of our earthy coffees which will balance out the fruity notes of the Colombian. 



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