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Goji Berries

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Navitas Organics Goji Berries have an exceptionally pleasant bite and a truly unique taste—somewhere between a dried cherry, raisin and cranberry. They provide a number of important nutrients, including complex carbohydrates and complete proteins. What’s more, they have a complexity of essential nutrients that are not apparent on the standard nutritional label.

Their history is a long one. Goji Berries have been cherished throughout Asia as one of the most nutrient-rich foods for thousands of years. Legend tells of a Buddhist temple that had a reputation of a fountain of youth due to the thick Goji vines growing over its wall and the berries that fell into its wells.

Chinese folklore is also where the nickname ‘The Happy Berry’ comes from. Local monks were reputed to be jolly and happy—a result of the Goji Berries they drank and used to brew their tea. Only recently have Western cultures discovered the benefits of consuming this tasty little berry.



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