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Carver's Chicken Drums, $8.99lb, Freshly Frozen

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Our chickens live out their lives on Pasture, free to roam, peck around, eat bugs, grass and Alfalfa. They are not confined to a barn or cage but they do have shelter and protection in our movable chicken tractors that we move to a fresh area at least once a day! 

Our chickens are ONLY fed certified organic chicken feed. No GMO’s, medications, antibiotics, or pesticides! We feed them this way because we want the most natural life for our birds, and we want to eat the best food!

Raising chicken this way does take a great amount of effort, but you can taste the difference!

We are proud of our chickens, how we raise them, and our local market, which has led to a great life for our family!

It’s important to know where your food comes from. - Carver's Natural + Local Petrolia Farm.



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