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Bolga Baskets

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Stop these beautiful one of a kind baskets. Great for grocery + market hauls, picnics, home decor + the beach; we call them everything baskets because the uses are endless.

The Story behind Bolga Baskets:

Bolga baskets are made in the rural villages of Bolgatanga (Bolga), Northern Ghana.

They are made out of elephant grass. The Artisan weavers, are mostly women using centuries old traditions.

As "Real Traders", we work directly with the weavers, and by doing so, we ensure they are been paid fairly for their work.

With this opportunity, the Artisan weavers are able to provide a better standard of living for their family and at the same time preserving their cultural heritage and centuries old traditions.

Bolga Baskets Canada Inc., was born in April, 2017.

It all started in 1998 by Morris on a trip through Bolgatanga.

While travelling through the rural villages of Bolgatanga, Morris fell in love with the people and culture.

This project has taken many years developing a relationship with the Fra-Fra tribe, understanding them took living there for months at a time over the years.

Apart from paying fair prices, "The Only Way One Can Make A Sincere And Profound Lasting Changes, One Has To Experience The Daily Life and Witness The Hard Work That Goes Into Making Of These Hand Crafted One-Of-A-Kind Baskets".

Ray & Morris

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