Hello! We’ve simplified & we are taking a break from our full food service for now! We are online with pickup + shopping times for all of your favourites like oils & balsamic vinegars, kefir, skincare, Local Artisan collaborations & more. Order online & pick up or shop/refill during our Fall hours: Tuesday + Thursday 1-6pm & Saturday 10-4pm. ***We will be open Tuesday + Thursday 3-6pm until September 20th our when fall hours begin.*** See you soon & thank you for supporting Local ❤️

FAQ- Answers to commonly asked questions

Q: How does online ordering work?

A: Create an account using your email and password. Select your preferred  product choices, add to cart, choose Local Delivery or Pick up + proceed to checkout. We will confirm your delivery or pick up Wed-Saturday.

Order early in the week to guarantee your full selections. We will email you weekly to let you know what we are bringing in from fresh meat & dairy to alternatives, produce, pantry or top selling fridge or freezer items. 

Please see below for more options for online ordering, delivery, pick-ups, health & safety.

Orders that include produce + in-stock items DELIVERY DAYS: Wednesday-Saturday

Order that include Meat + Dairy DELIVERY DAYS: Friday

Q: Is there different days to order and a schedule?

A: Yes for our Local food service + to guarantee your selections of fresh meat, dairy, alternatives, pantry, produce + all your favourites; order early in the week. We will send an email reminding you of what is coming in fresh that week. 

Q: Are there certain precautions I should take right now or that Pure Local Organics is taking due to Covid-19?

A: Yes due to the current situation we are facing, we are taking all health and safety precautions. 


1. Mandatory masks in store.

2. We sanitize the debit machine before + after every use.

3. We sanitize the front door handles before + after each customer.

4. We sanitize the fridge + freezer doors before + after each use.

5. We wash our hands + sanitize when going in and out of our Certified prep kitchen to the cash area.

6. We wash our hands, sanitize, glove + mask to handle any food products all done in our Certified prep area.

All of our suppliers are also following health & safety protocols. We encourage you to do the same.

We ask that customers reduce touching unnecessary surfaces or products. We ask that our customers sanitize their hands upon entering the store and give sufficient space to your fellow shoppers.

Order online with us for delivery or pick up to naturally reduce contamination risks. We are taking all necessary precautions for health + safety. As an extra precaution for online orders; upon delivery we will drop your groceries at the front door and give you a courtesy call. We ask that you are conscious to bring your groceries in within 30 minutes of being dropped to ensure health & safety of your food.

Q: Do you have a quality guarantee and what it your credit, refund policy.

A: We 100% back the freshness and quality of all of our products. If you have an issue with any products purchased from Pure Local Organics; we ask that you contact us right away. We will kindly and gladly credit or refund or replace product as needed. Any food products purchased on ripe sale are final sale; we recommend eating sooner than later.

Q: Are your products 'Organic' & how do we really know?

A: Yes and no. We aim for Pure, meaning: Certified Organic, Organic, Pure and Natural. All of our products are hand-selected from trusted sources and suppliers and researched extensively for premium quality and freshness. We will always list if something is Certified Organic or not. All farms that we outsource locally have been visited by the owner to learn about their growing methods and how they operate day to day. We're out here just wanting to know that things are being done in an old-fashioned, as Nature intended kind of way.

Q: How 'Local' are you?

A: We've been kickin' it in Sarnia for the last almost 7 years, most of it spent in the heart of downtown. We love what downtown Sarnia has to offer and what it represents. It is a known hub for Local, independent business' filled with cultural and artisanal shops and vibes. We feel at home and our hearts are fully into the full revitalization of the downtown core. And for the last 7 years we have supported Local growers, farmers, food producers, start-up companies, Artisans and focus on Local + Canadian products. And yes we are Local and proud to say that we are Sarnia's only Local + Independent Organic grocery store.

Q: Are all of your products Local?

A: Not all of them but a lot of them, like our Local food service including meat, dairy, produce + Artisanal products including what we make and who we collaborate with.

We believe in thinking globally and acting Locally. Some of our products are imported from all over the world (like our delicious Pure Olive Oils + Balsamic Vinegars). Without our import market, some of our top choice foods would simply cease to exist. We believe in supporting Local Artisans and producers from all over the world. We believe in a Local movement towards sustainability, community, fair-trade, love, peace + balance in our world.

To answer the question, yes, we are Local and love connecting like-minded people with a healthy lifestyle and we believe in Local. Thank you for your love + support of Local! -Melissa & The Team at Pure Local Organics.

If you have any question do not hesitate to pop in for a chat, call or email us.


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