Hello! We’ve simplified & we are taking a break from our full food service for now! We are online with pickup + shopping times for all of your favourites like oils & balsamic vinegars, kefir, skincare, Local Artisan collaborations & more. Order online & pick up or shop/refill during our Fall hours: Tuesday + Thursday 1-6pm & Saturday 10-4pm. ***We will be open Tuesday + Thursday 3-6pm until September 20th our when fall hours begin.*** See you soon & thank you for supporting Local ❤️

At Our Core

Founded in our grassroots in 2015, Pure Local Organics believes that every choice we make has an impact. For every action there is an equal or greater reaction. And even the smallest action brings big change. We are an eco solution based company founded on community, sustainability, Local + environment. 

Pure meaning non-toxic, Organic meaning Natural & Local meaning that we strongly support Local. We believe in a strong Local economy by buying the majority of our products Locally + Canadian made & in Canada. We do however believe in imports to support products + Artisans globally that we have the same vision or mission statement. 

We are choosing Artisans & Farmers that are doing things naturally; the old fashioned way. Back when our grandparents called it ‘food’ and today we call it Natural & Organic. The ‘products’ we put in and  on our body and how they are made have an impact too. They have an impact on our body, our water, our land + the planet overall. We have a choice today to have a minimal impact on the world around + within us by practicing sustainable efforts like the most basic of choosing Natural &/ ingredients and in turn minimizing the environmental impact of the every day 'products' we use. Practicing mindfulness for ourselves + our planet gives us an opportunity to protect it for generations to come. We choose to support companies that make products with Certified Organic + Natural ingredients and have a positive impact on the planet in doing so. We make products for a sustainable + minimalist lifestyle with Natural + Organic ingredients. We are a movement, we are a collective of like minded individuals, that care about our planet for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. Foodies + eco warriors unite!

Our values, vision + mission were to create a change + a community of like minded people that care as much as we do for our planet! It keeps us focused + moving forward + evolving based upon the demand from our community. In 2016 we started packaging in recycled & recyclable packages + labels. In 2018 we started offering refill options on products that we make - "our brand" so to speak; to encourage less waste for a lighter future. Pure is Nutritionist Owned + Operated. The owner Melissa studied and graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in London, ON in 2012. She studied the environmental impact of the what our choices mean for our body, our environment + our future. Pure was opened to create a movement for Sarnia-Lambton + continues today based upon the Local support of our community. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about what we stand for, how we started and why.



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