At Pure Local Organics we allow you to custom order
your freshest selections making it truly farm to table;
significantly fresher than the grocery store.

We simply deliver a pure, healthy organic lifestyle.


Established in late August 2015; we are local, independent, family owned & operated - specialty grocery store. Our focus is on highlighting quality local growers infused with imports for variety and selection. All of our produce is hand-selected from farms across Ontario- some of them right in Lambton County as well as The Ontario Food Terminal to bring you the freshest & largest selection of Organically-grown & Certified Organic produce in Lambton- County.

Becoming a part of the community and building strong roots has always been a focus for us. Since opening we have connected with many local business’ through like-minded partnerships; we currently supply restaurants in Sarnia-Lambton with fresh produce as well as other items. You can currently find our Organic selections on the plates of local restaurants for tasting events and such.

We will be adding ‘local artisan’ & ‘local chef’ products under our own logo ‘PURE FOOD CO. + more lines that feature our high quality selections; coming soon to our downtown location.


You will find the freshest, highest quality selections with a focus on Canadian companies’ and outsourcing Local & Ontario grown as much as possible. Our current selection is a culmination of your favorites and ours that have been available in-store over the last year. With our Online Ordering option, you can get your products at their freshest; farm to table, the old fashioned way. All of our products have been hand-selected by the owner & Nutritionist approved.


We meticulously hand-select our growers right down to the product, outsourcing the best of local and imported Certified Organic and Organically grown produce for variety and freshness. We believe in a strong local community and we offer growers in our area an outlet to sell their products making it truly local and no miles needed to get here.


Certified Organic as well as local, Organically-grown symbolizes food grown the old fashioned way. Our selections are not grown the conventional way and do not have any toxins such as herbicides, pesticides or genetic modification. We believe that food grown without toxins has a much more positive impact not only for health on an individual level but also for our environment and eco-systems.

Our growers use creative methods such as plant pairing and neem oil as an alternative to spraying. ‘Organic and Certified Organic’ are modern words used today to describe the way food used to be grown that our grandparents simply called ‘FOOD’. Due to technology and conventional growing methods that have changed our food supply over the last few decades- it has been increasingly harder to find truly Organic food grown the without the use of any toxic sprays and chemicals. When you taste food that is not sprayed, is unaltered and found in its’ natural state there is no comparison in taste. Taste the difference quality, fresh & Organic makes- grandma & grandpa approved.


Our selection of high quality Certified Organic grass-fed meat is custom order fresh from the farm to your table. Cut fresh upon ordering, never frozen. We do offer a variety of meat that is fresh or frozen in-store. The certified organic beef has outside access at all times. They are on organic green pasture during the spring, summer and fall and are fed organic hay and organic haylage during the winter months. The organic heifers and steers are supplemented with organic mixed grain and organic corn silage.


Pure Food Co. is our own line of packaged pantry items including grains, seeds, baking supplies, pasta noodles, breakfast cereal and superfoods with more products to come. We have outsourced top of the line premium and the highest quality gourmet products available on the market. They are all Certified Organic and a lot of them are so high quality that they come without any major allergens. Our products are packaged in small batch for quality control. Look for the ‘Made in Canada’ symbol for products that are grown in Canada.